Rapunzel Jackson

Executive Producer, Writer, Actress

Once upon a Rapunzel Jackson…

They say it takes a village to raise a child and our child is “Rapunzel Jackson.”

Rapunzel Jackson is the story of a young black girl who’s being pulled by her roots into womanhood by her first perm. Not all little girls have bat mitzvahs or quinceañeras to define them as women; therefore Rapunzel quantifies her transcendence by her first perm. But is she a lady now? What else will she lose when she loses her braids?

“Not her production value!” “Rapunzel Jackson” is the first film shot on AJA’s new, cuttingedge Cion 4K/UHD. The Cion’s resolution, color fidelity and flexibility of use give this project a million dollar look.

However, we didn’t just want to produce a film that looks good. This film has something to say. Starring Juanita Jennings and Morgan Ashley, written by Malia Dawkins and directed by Dabling Harward, “Rapunzel Jackson” is a part of a larger conversation on African-American youth, beauty, family and culture. Hair is a large source of conversation and conflict in our community, and this piece is a call to action for black women to truly discuss what’s going on in that kitchen at the napes of our necks.

Our aim is to develop our short film into an episodic television series where viewers will follow Rapunzel’s attempts and obstacles endured on her quest towards becoming a lady. This journey will target African-American families, kids and parents alike, as we’ll learn that Rapunzel’s elders have a thing or two to learn about growing up as well.

Welcome to our village!

Malia Dawkins, Christina Ford and Samora Suber
East to West Productions

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